About Me

My name is Sarah.
I am almost 30.
I have a titanium plate & 7 screws holding together my leg after a pretty serious auto accident.
I am grateful to be alive.
I am even more grateful to be able to walk.

I am the wife & eternal companion of Jesse for over 7 years now. More than 8 if you know the whole story.
Jesse served a church mission in Argentina for 2 years & speaks fluent Castillian Spanish.
Jesse was a US Marine Corps MP from 2001-2005.
Jesse is currently a student...BIG changes recently.
Jesse would love to go back to Argentina...I told him to find a job. I'd sell our house & move in a heartbeat.

I am the mother of Victoria, Brooklyn & Isabella.
My girls are home-schooled & that was quite possibly the best decision ever!
I am currently pregnant with baby #4.
We want a big family.
We think our kids are blessing from Heaven.

I go to church for at least 3 hours every Sunday.
I have a strong testimony of Jesus Christ & the Gospel.
I am a Mormon.
I don't drink, smoke or do drugs.
I wasn't always a good girl, but I'm better now.
I still know how to throw a rockin' party & have a good time!

I graduated from culinary school in 2000.
I've worked in an amazing fine dining restaurant in Chico CA.
I've catered for events up to 250 people.
I've done business in CA, CO & beyond.
My favorite gig was catering a wedding in a gorgeous private home in Breckenridge CO.
I've done private chef work for small intimate dinner parties.
I've also played private chef for 30 sorority sisters.
My first job ever was working at a Boy Scout the kitchen.
I can make wedding cakes pretty well but they stress me out too much. So please don't ask.

In my free time I like to garden...we even have our own chickens.
I think we need to own a ranch, maybe in husband is fully supportive he just doesn't know it yet.
I love to travel & don't feel reservations are necessary all the time.
I love to try new restaurants & eat good food.
I am an avid fan of Food Network.
I also like Greys Anatomy, CSI & NCIS to name a few.
I'd love to open a restaurant!
I love the coast!

I've fully corrupted my husband and he is now a food snob too.
Our children eat their veggies without hiding them in their cupcakes & they also like sushi.
We believe breakfast for dinner at least once a month is an American tradition.
We think family traditions live on through the holidays we celebrate.

Turkey is better than ham.
Rice farmers think potatoes make your butt big, but they taste darn good.
Rice is amazing too.
Real butter & bacon is where its at.
Good chocolate is a gift from God.

I pride myself on being a professional chef, but also cook like a normal human being too.
Sometimes, like you, I don't want to cook at all.
Yes, I cook like you, your mom, your grandma & I also serve food like a gourmet restaurant too.
We eat fast food.....I LOVE Chipotle & pizza & Olive Garden.
I like jogging more than I'll ever admit.
I am not happy with the body I have right now, but it will change after I'm done producing children.