February 3, 2016

I'm Back & New Pots & Pans

Hey Everyone! After a substantial break from blogging I am back! I plan to start this blog back up full-time aka...once a week or more. I'll be posting recipes, Pinterest recipe reviews & how I changed things, product reviews, restaurant reviews & of course silly cooking stuff. 

Let me first let you in on a little gift I received at Christmas. I've never been into the hype of buying products from "tv chefs" or tv shows in general. I've always liked my Circulon pots & pans & stuff from the local restaurant supply store. But this gift came my direction & I LOVE it. They offer it in turquoise & in red. I am trying to make a few changes to my kitchen so turquoise it was. Yes I knew ahead of time what I was getting because my hubby is uber smart. Love it! The kitchen will be black & white with bright colored accents. I already have a bunch of red stuff so some turquoise made sense. Here is a link for you to check it out.