October 21, 2013

Pizza Dough #2

Pizza Dough (#2)

8c. AP Flour
1T yeast
1T Honey
1T Sugar
1tsp Salt
3c. COLD Water

-Mix all together (you'll need a BIG mixer or make in 2 batches) & knead into ball form.
-Cut & round into 7oz balls. (Or smaller)
-Wrap individual balls in plastic wrap OR rub lightly with olive oil & store in tupperware not touching another ball.

-Yields 10-12 7oz balls.
-Can be held up to 3 days.
-Since you use cold water the yeast will not activate until baked. Its magical.
-One 7oz ball makes a "personal" 10inch pizza. If you make smaller balls they make a better "personal" size pizza as a 10in pizza can feed 2 people a good amount. 
-A CM's recipe.

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