April 3, 2011

America's Next Great Restaurant (Episode 2)

The contestants are instantly thrown for a loop. They will be serving 1000 people lunch at a local mall (Universal City Walk) the next day. First they must select their executive chef. They must also select their "branding" & logo.

There are 17 chefs back in the kitchen who have prepared dishes. The contestants get to go back & try their food & talk. Choosing their chef may or may not be the biggest decision the contestants make. There is a battle over chef Brandon & chef Narise. Its a bit lame, but then 2 contestants have to pick new chefs. Sudhir has a hard time choosing a chef, since none of the chefs provided have EVER cooked Indian food.

Next the contestants go into the business center & they can meet with graphic designers. This is where log & branding take shape. Once again Alex can't keep his trap shut & acts like a total arse.

Next the contestants go shopping...a lot of them have never shopped on a budget, or for this many people. Then they go back & help their chefs do prep-work in the kitchen.

The next day the contestants & chefs are at the Universal City Walk ready to serve 1000 people. Each "diner" has a silver coin to deposit into the box of their favorite restaurant concept.

  1. Meltworks - Love the food....logo needs a little change. (WIN Challenge! Safe Week 1)
  2. Tiffin Box - Chicken is slightly over-cooked, sauce a little runny. The judges think the logo needs help.
  3. Hicks - Food was too fatty & heavy. Logo turned out like a garden center. (In the bottom 3.)
  4. Hard & Soft - The judges like the food, but not the logo at all.
  5. W3 - Served gumbo....confused people, but Bobby said Jaman might have taken a good risk showing he can cook more than wings & waffles.
  6. The Sports Wrap - Chicken was dry. Fran is a bit snippy & seems to dislike advice or possible change. (ELIMINATED)
  7. ComplEAT - Lorena & Steve tell Stephenie that her food was really good. But she needs to have more passion about her food. Hmmm. No comment.
  8. Saucy Balls - The judges went back for 2nds! Love "Grandma" in the logo. The judges think Joey is ballsy for sticking to his guns with the name. I'm diggin it. 
  9. Wok - Served a rice dish, not a "stir fry". Curtis called her rice "dodgey" which means "not appealing" in Australia. Logo was plain. (In the bottom 3.)
  10. Limbo - The healthy vs unhealthy version tasted too similar. The judges want to not only know about the calorie difference, but want to taste a flavor difference too. They thought the logo may have been too much. 
In the end "The Sports Wrap"/Fran is eliminated. The investors just didn't think she was willing to change or take constructive criticism. 

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