February 20, 2011

Black Beans

1lb bag of dry black beans
1Tbsp salt
1Tbsp cumin
1Tbsp garlic powder

  • Place black beans in a strainer & rinse well.
  • Place rinsed beans into a small pot.
  • Fill with water to cover beans by 2".
  • Soak overnight on stove-top or counter.
  • Drain beans in strainer & rinse well again.
  • Place beans back into pot & recover with fresh water.
  • Bring beans to a boil & then reduce the heat to low for 1hr.
  • Taste a should not be too mushy, but not firm either. (If still firm cook on low till tender.)
  • Add a bit more water if necessary...beans & water should be about the same level.
  • Stir well. 
  • Add salt, cumin & garlic.
  • Shut off the heat.
  • Cover with a lid & let sit for 1hr so beans absorb the spices & some more liquid.

Serve with rice, in burritos...or by themselves.

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