December 22, 2010

Our Christmas Menu

You can let this post evoke jealousy....or just change your whole idea of what "Christmas Food" should be. 
I love turkey...but thats for Thanksgiving.
I love ham...but thats for Easter. (Or Lamb.)
Christmas to me is PRIME RIB. (Yummy juicey, still pink in the middle...really pink, prime rib.)

You still have time to purchase new dinner stuff right???
Comment here to let us know what you'll be having.

Breakfast...More like Brunch:

  • Typically we have Eggs Benedict...but the hubby isn't a big fan of Hollandaise. Its too tart for hoo, I like it tart.
  • I may make the whole thing benedict style with poached eggs, English muffins & ham (Canadian Bacon), but use Mornay (light cheese) sauce instead this year. A little compromise never killed anyone.
  • We also add sliced avocado to our benedicts. Yum yum!

  • Prime Rib Roast (rubbed with salt, pepper, garlic & thyme. Served with Au Jus & Horseradish.)
  • Roasted-Garlic Mashed Potatoes (red skin yellow potatoes with the skins left on, butter, sour cream, roasted garlic puree, salt & pepper.)
  • Steamed Green Beans ( bacon or onion. yeah yeah.)
  • Fresh Bread (home baked artisan bread...I may add fresh herbs to the bread.)
  • Green Salad (mixed greens & spinach, tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots & avocado with balsamic orange vinaigrette)
  • Chocolate Mousse Decadence (made in a spring-form cheesecake pan, oreo crust, thick layer of chocolate mousse, whipped cream & shaved chocolate on top...sliced strawberries on the side)

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