November 22, 2010

Menu Planning Monday

Monday 22nd - Tacos (Jesse has Barbershop tonight instead of Thursday.)
Tuesday 23rd - Enchurritos (yes, thats Enchilada & Burrito combined)
Wednesday 24th - At the in-laws!
Thursday 25th - THANKSGIVING!!! I am giving up all control & we will be at my in-laws. I've never NOT cooked, so this is weird. I AM bringing my Great Grandmas super yummy rolls & some snack items for before the main meal. I have purchased a 24# turkey that is in our freezer for us to roast here at home later & then we'll have plenty of meat for sandwiches. Or maybe I'll just save it for Christmas.
Friday 26th - We'll be driving home from my in-laws, then at Apple Hill for the day & home just in time for dinner...hmm. Really not planning tonight.
Saturday 27th - Dinner out with EQ before our Temple Session.
Sunday 28th - Baked Potato Bar

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