November 20, 2010

Menu Planning Monday

Monday 15th - Pork Street Tacos, Spanish Rice, Chips & Salsa w/Friends
Tuesday 16th - Leftovers
Wednesday 17th - Family Night Out....2 weeks ago I purchased (4) $12 vouchers for Johns Incredible Pizza. They were valued at $115 full price. The deal included an all you can eat buffet dinner (pizza, pasta, salad, baked potatoes, soup & bread-sticks), drinks & dessert, plus 4 game cards worth $15 each. For 5 of us this was an incredible (haha) deal. Plus we needed time out.
Thursday 18th - Clam chowder
Friday 19th - Pizza & Football Game
Saturday 20th - Chili & Cornbread
Sunday 21st - Quesadillas & Tomato Soup

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