August 9, 2010

Dutch Oven Peach Pear Crisp

2 sticks butter
2 large cans 1/4 peaches (both drained)
2 large cans 1/4 pears (1 drained)
1 1/2tsp fresh black pepper
3 Tbsp cinnamon (1 1/2tsp in the fruit, other in topping)
2c oatmeal
1/2 bag brown sugar
1 1/2c flour (1/2c in fruit & 1c in topping)

-melt 1 stick of butter in DO
-add peaches & pears, stir
-add 1 1/2tsp of cinnamon, pepper & a few Tablespoons of brown sugar.
-add 1/2c of flour to the fruit and mix
-in a gallon sized baggie add 1c flour, all oats, rest of brown sugar, 1 cube of butter & cinnamon
-mix baggie well...should be sandy looking
-dump baggie on top of peach/pear/juice mixture
-Cover & Bake 30-45 minutes or until bubbly.

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