August 19, 2010

Cookie Disappointment

We haven't been to a certain "local specialty cookie bakery" in months. I know its been at least 6 months, but thinking back now its probably been closer to 9. Well I've been trying to "recreate" a cookie from this place and hadn't had one in so long I needed to try another to see how close I may or may not be getting. I'm close. This cookie is my favorite (at this bakery) its half peanut butter cookie & half chocolate cookie....swirled together. I know it sounds like a simple cookie to make. However, its actually many things that make recreating a recipe (especially a baked product) hard to do.
  • First the proportions of dough. On this they seem to be 1/2 & 1/2. But sometimes its more peanut and less chocolate.
  • Second the amount of chocolate in the chocolate cookie dough.....thats actually part of the problem.
  • Then the consistency of the cookie itself...the peanut butter is creamy and so is the chocolate and this bakery makes a large cookie and manages to keep it soft all the way through, with just a slight bite at the edges. No crispy on this cookie. Peanut butter cookies tend to fall apart if baked too soft and dry out if baked even 2 minutes too long.
On to my disappointment...the cookie I'm trying to recreate is amazing. It still is amazing. I decided to splurge and buy a cookie we'll call a "chocolate crinkle"....yeah hush if you know the real name. It was disappointing. I've had it before and never noticed the lack of cocoa. No really, there wasn't enough chocolate flavor...and the powdered sugar honestly was killing what little chocolate I could taste. Blah. So the problem is that most people assume this chocolate cookie is the other half of the 1/2 peanut & 1/2 chocolate yumminess. After tasting it again...and being disappointed with the chocolate cookie itself I am convinced otherwise.

Ya never know what you aren't missing till you go back and try it again. Darn my memory and giving it another chance!

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