August 27, 2010

88 GIANT Burgers

Is well worth the stop if you are in the area.
Be prepared to eat in your vehicle....because this place is small.
They've got room for 4 at the bar and 4 outside. 
There is always a wait!
This place is full of locals, ski bums, bikers & campers stopping on their way to the lake.

Don't miss it as you drive it is......
Located in Amador County. In the town of Pine Grove.
About 15 minutes "down hill" (west of) Pioneer or 10 minutes "up hill" (east of) Jackson CA. 
Directly across the street from the fire station & Pine Grove Park.

This place is a classic hamburger joint...and a total dive.
But its SO good.

Order a shake! They're made of real ice cream!!!
Strawberry is our favorite.

Juicy ALL Beef Patties are pounded out in front of you for each order and slapped down on the sizzling flat top grill along side the buns! No salt or pepper is added. Pure unadulterated, cow flavored, red meat is on this big guy.

Cheese is layered on at the perfect time....American is the ONLY cheese available.

Burgers are topped with mayo, mustard, lettuce, thick slices of FRESH onion & tomato. But they of course are all made to order for picky guys such as my onions and mayo for him.
If you want to purchase a whole pickle they will slice it and add it to your burger.

You can order a single with cheese like mine, which is pictured above.
Order a double burger with double cheese like my hubbies below.......

Let me share that drippy cheesy goodness with one more picture.

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