January 12, 2010

Ruths Diner

Saturday November 7th 2009
Salt Lake City, Utah

We were able to drive up Emigration Canyon and go to Ruths Diner.
It was chilly, the wait was horrendous, but we were told its totally worth the wait no matter what. Luckily the wait for 2 is shorter than the wait for 4-7 like most groups.

Pretty much as soon as your butts hit the booth you are greeted by an awesome server.....and THESE:

Mile High Biscuits!!! They are amazing.

The original Diner Car where we sat. There is more room in an additional seating area, plus in the summer there is outside seating.

The curved wood ceiling of the car...

Jesse had AMAZING Banana Walnut Bread French Toast topped with fresh sliced bananas and powdered sugar.

I couldn't resist eatting some more of Ruths carby goodness. YEP! Biscuits & Gravy!!!
Some of the best, simplest gravy piled on top of more of those MILE HIGH biscuits. They also came with perfectly seasoned hashbrowns and some amazing THICK sliced bacon. I shared my bacon...and gave Jesse a few bites of the biscuits and gravy.

Have a chance to go....GO!!!!