December 23, 2009

Johnny Garlics Roseville

The other day the girls presented us with this....

Really? DO we need it???
Well, we decided a date night wasn't that bad of an idea. So we headed to Roseville. I talked about Mikuni right around Lincoln....and plugged it into the GPS. BUT all of the sudden I turned down a different street and headed to Johnny Garlics.

Jesses Reaction....

We started off with Roasted Duck Taquitos..yum.
No picture...sorry. Trust us they're good!!!

Jesse had the American Kobe Flank....which was Peppered Wagyu Flank Steak, Yukon Garlic Mashed Potatoes, Crispy Spinach & Fresh Braised Carrots.

I had the Hunters Creation of the day. That night it was Pistachio & Garlic crusted lamb chops. They were served with Garlic Mashed Potatoes, Butternut Squash puree & fried squash pieces.

We switched half way through the meal....and Jesse has officially fallen in love with lamb.

Then we shared Mint Pie which had an oreo crust, mint chip ice cream, Junior Mints, more Oreo cookies & then topped with whipped cream and hot fudge.

We highly recommend Johnny Garlics. It is family friendly...but pricey. Although the kids meals listed online look reasonably priced.


Melissa said...

We stopped by there a few times. Didn't want to go in with the kids. We NEED a date night too! :)
My parents are coming in to town the after Christmas... My Dad will LOVE that place. He is in LOVE with GUY. He watches him on TV all the time. Great excuse to keep the kids at home and take my parents out to dinner! Thanks for the review. :)

The crazy Shaw Family said...

Love love love Johnny Garlics. We went to the origional in Santa Rosa (before it burned down) way back before we got married. I still dream about the Garlic mashed potatoes! Oh yeah, yummy.