November 14, 2009

Moochies Salt Lake City

In the mood for an amazing cheesesteak or meatball sandwich?
Are you within a 30 minute drive of Salt Lake City?

Head to Moochies Meatballs & More!!!

Be prepared cause it sneaks up on ya!!! Its in a residential area. Oh and its also a pottery shop!
They have a decent menu...but to be honest be ready to tell them the following:
6" or 12", cheesesteak or meatballs, with or without onions, add mushrooms or peppers.
Cheesesteaks are made with american cheese instead of traditional Philly Whiz.

Another Diners, Drive Ins & Dives location!!!

Jesse had a 6" Cheesesteak, No Onions.
Plus an amazing Vanilla Creme soda!

I had a 6" cheesesteak with onions, plus peppers and mushrooms.
I also had a cherry vanilla soda! Yum!!!

It was AMAZING. I wanted to go back again SO bad. They are sorta pricey...2 6" sandwiches, my 2 add ons, 2 good bottled sodas...ran us $17

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Sara said...

Tomas & Heidi have been trying out places from that show too, how funny! Glad you guys found some good food!