September 25, 2009

Reheating Carbonara Tip

IF you manage to have leftover Carbonara then you will need this helpful trip to reheating.

We had about 2 decent adult sized servings left in a medium sized bowl....covered with plastic wrap. Carbonara dries out sorta quick....but can easily recover with this trick. I recommend a bowl verses tupperware for this.

Peel back plastic wrap from part of the bowl and add a splash of fresh heavy whipping cream...for 2 servings we used about 1/8 cup. RECOVER with the plastic wrap. Don't worry about mixing yet. Place in microwave for ample heating time...ours took about 5-6 minutes. The plastic wrap seals the bowl, the heat and cream creates steaming creamy goodness. Mix in the bowl and dump onto a big plate....share with spouse. Be nice and share!!!

Trust us this needs the added moisture for reheating.....and don't try to add water or some crud like 2% milk...thats nasty.

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