September 24, 2009

Jamie's Broadway Grille

Jesse and I have talked many a time about trying out a few of the restaurants from Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives on Food Network. We live relatively close to the ones in Sacramento and considering our drop of a hat day-trips, we have gotten close to lots of others in Nor California too. We actually discussed this subject with our friends Joe & Kiar recently. Maybe a Triple D trip. Anyways we are pretty big Guy Fieri fans so its easy to want to try the things he says are good.

Last week we had the opportunity to go try out Jamies Broadway Grille in Sacramento.

Its an interesting location. Its directly across from News 10 on Broadway if that helps. It got all of 5-6 parking spots directly out front and then its all street parking. THERE IS NO SIGN OUT FRONT!!! I repeat THERE IS NO SIGN OUT FRONT!!! SOOOO, You must look for the green canopy with the street number. Thats the only way to find it. Oh and it looks like a bar.
Ok technically IT IS a bar. When you walk in the front doors its a bar on the right side...and you have to walk through the bar and turn left to get into the "grille".
On the front the proof Guys been there:
Its amazing. Forgive me for not taking pictures. Its slightly dark inside and it was PACKED. I'm a polite foodie and don't take pictures of everything I eat.
I had a Garlic Steak Sandwich, made with Filet Mignon. Jesse had the Prime Rib Dip. Both of us picked green salads with blue cheese dressing as our side of choice.
The garlic steak sandwich was served on the 2 most adorable baby french rolls ever and had amazing flavor. It was garlic, bread & steak. I like simple. I added a smear of mayo and it was to-die-for. There was also a big slice of a beefy tomato on the plate. I sprinkled it with salt and pepper and ate it alone. Yum!

The prime rib dip was served on a larger roll. It was huge! The prime rib is SMOKED in house and sliced to order. It was served with the most amazing homemade Au Jus to dip it into. Nothing else. Super simple, super good.

The salads were served in tiny bowls on the side with homemade blue cheese dressing and fresh sliced cucumbers. A sprinkle of pepper made them heavenly.

Jesse and I both had root beer to drink. Bottles of Henry Weinhards draft root beer. Totally worth the price.

We recommend it. Highly. Its not cheap but its not too horrible either. Its worth it. Oh we would also mention that its not very family. There wasn't a single person under the age of 21 the entire time were were there. Although I'd assume you can order ahead and pick it up and take it to a nearby park if you wanted to have a family outting.

Oh and be aware....
This is the only sign there is...its on the side of the building in a locked parking lot which doesn't belong to them. If you are driving East to West you'll see it, if won't.
Can you see the sign?