December 3, 2008

The BEST Virgin Mary Mix EVER!

This recipe comes from the restaurant I used to work at. Yes the one I did my externship at during culinary school. I worked there for almost 1 year and aquired several of their recipes. Of course the restaurant rarely served it virgin. If you are a fancy tomato juice lover then you'll surely like this. If you're a boozer, then the instructions for portions are below.

Virgin Mary Mix:
1 large can of V-8
1/3 c. worschestire sauce
1/4 c. siracha
1-2 T horseradish
3 pinches of salt
6 twists of pepper (mill ground)
1 T roasted garlic puree
2 limes (juiced)

  • Mix all together.
  • Serve over ice with celery/olive/dilly bean garnish.
  • For drinkers use 6oz mix plus 2oz vodka.

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