November 25, 2008


I've been asked SO many times for recipes, cooking tips, baking secrets, floral design ideas, catering or event help & other girly household info that this new blog is the easiest way to share.

Yes, I'm probably the closest thing to Marth Stewart you can find. Only I'm younger, real and WAY more relaxed. (Read: I can do all her cool stuff, but occasionally have dishes in my sink and need to dust or vacuum!)

Have a domestic or household question feel free to comment....I'll get to you asap!

Diane....I PROMISE to post my filled cupcake how-to after Thanksgiving! I have to make a batch and take pictures, so I can properly show the process.

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Diane said...

I just reviewed this blog and realized you never did my requested filled cupcake post! You owe me now! Lol