September 10, 2016

Tomato & Bean Soup

This is a super easy soup. You don't even have to cook it, just heat it to serving temp. Crock pot on high for 2hrs works too. 

1 big container chicken broth
2 big cans diced tomatoes 
2 normal size cans green beans
4 normal size cans of great northern (white) beans (drained & rinsed)
4-6 basil leaves (chiffonade)
1 T. Garlic powder
2 tsp. Black pepper
Salt to taste

Put everything in the pot. Only the white beans are drained. I also rinse the white beans. Heat to serving temp. Serve with crusty bread like sourdough or French. 

August 17, 2014

Sorority Menu Week #1 (Fall 2014)

Monday - Chile Relleno Casserole served with red sauce, sour cream & tortillas
Tuesday - Chicken Caesar Salad
Wednesday - Stuffed Bell Peppers & Rolls
Thursday - Beef & Black Bean Taco Bar

March 12, 2014

Seriously Yummy Veggie Burgers

So some back Jr High I had a thing for garden burgers. But then they changed the recipe and they weren't the same. I would occasionally have one just to see if any of the different brands, recipes, etc were any good again...and well, they mostly sorta sucked. Plus SO many veggie options are full of (horrible for you) soy & lack flavor. Who says a vegetarian or vegan option has to taste like unseasoned cardboard? Not me! I prefer my cardboard to at least have some flavor. Just kidding. I don't eat cardboard. Do I look like I eat cardboard? Don't answer that!

So recently my adorable vegetarian in the sorority (I cook for a sorority) asked if we could do a completely veggie dinner & let me know she was willing to help cook. I'm a fan of figuring out cool options for vegetarians instead of just feeding them pasta & salad. So veggie burgers & homemade fries sounded perfect. (I cut them into steak fries...totally appropriate for a vegan/veggie meal right?)

Anyways. Off to Pinterest I went. Found a recipe. And....adapted it. They are SO yummy!!! I highly recommend using a food processor for several steps or these turn out a bit more rustic/chunky.

The Best Veggie Burger EVER:

  • 1 can garbanzo beans (drained & rinsed)
  • 1 can black beans (drained & rinsed)
  • 8oz. roasted beets (diced large after roasted)
  • 1/2 c. cooked wild (or brown) rice
  • 1/2 of a large bermuda onion (cut in 1/2 again...thats 2 1/4'snow for all you math geniuses)
  • 2 Tbsp. minced garlic
  • 1/4 c. oat flour (make your own, its easy)
  • 1 tsp. fresh thyme (pull leaves off the stems)
  • 1/2 Tbsp. ground cumin
  • sea salt & fresh ground black pepper to taste (1 tsp. of each)
  1. Take roasted, diced beets & put them in the food processor. Pulse till minced. Do not puree. Place in mixing bowl. 
  2. Do the same process with both cans of beans, leaving them with some texture not mushed. Add to the mixing bowl. 
  3. Place one section of onion in the food pro. Blend till smooth. Add to mixing bowl. 
  4. Finely dice the other 1/4 of the onion or carefully use the food pro to dice it. Add to mixing bowl. 
  5. Add everything else (garlic, rice, flour, thyme & spices) & mix well using hands.
  6. If you are afraid of the beet color wear food handlers gloves, places hands in plastic baggies or just suck it up. It washes off easier than you think. 
  7. Taste a small amount of the mixture. Adjust seasoning as your prefer. 
  8. Divide mixture into 6 equal balls (I used a 5oz. portion scoop) & form the patties.
  9. Place patties on a lightly buttered/oiled/sprayed cookie sheet.
  10. Place pan in the fridge for 20 minutes. 
  11. While the patties hang out (to firm up a bit) get the buns, lettuce, tomatoes, etc ready. (I used butter lettuce, fresh roma toms, homemade thyme dijonnaise & ciabatta/torta rolls for the buns.)
  12. After twenty minutes in a non stick pan melt some butter (or use evoo) & lightly fry up both sides of the burgers. You really just want to crisp them up, get them warm through & if watned to melt some yummy cheese you may add. 
  13. Serve immediately. (With steak fries! lol)
Please note these are technically vegan...till you add the cheese & mayo. If you use gluten free oats/oat flour then they are also gluten free...till you put them on the suggested bun. 

Go conquer the world. And eat a yummy (ridiculously filling) burger. 

February 13, 2014

The Best Bloody Mary Mix Ever

This originates from a pretty well known restaurant in Chico (CA). They make bomb Bloody Mary's. I used to be a drinker. Not anymore. BUT I will actually drink this without the vodka added and it's so yummy!

1 large can of V8
1/3 c. Worschestire sauce
1/4 c. Sriracha (trust me)
1-2 T. Horseradish (not creamy)
3 large pinches of kosher sea salt
6 full twists of freshly ground black pepper 
1 T. Roasted garlic purée (roast the head w a bit of olive oil, squeeze it out after cool, squish into purée)
2 large limes (juiced)

-Combine all in a large plastic pitcher & mix well. 
-Best if it sits in the fridge at least overnight before serving. 
-Can be kept in the fridge up to 1 month. Just shake before each use. 

Proper bar ratio 6:2 (mix to vodka)
Stir or shake, garnish & serve. 

February 12, 2014

Sorority Menu Week #13

Monday - (Chapter) Pledge Class/New Member (3 course) Family Style Dinner of Salad, Rolls, Spaghetti & Meatballs, Roasted Veggies & Mini Cream Puffs with Raspberries. 
Tuesday - Spinach Salad w/strawberries, blueberries, sliced almonds, mushrooms, feta or blue cheese, balsamic chicken & poppyseed dressing. 
Wednesday - Chili (w/beef or veggie), cornbread muffins & honey butter. 
Thursday - French Bread Pizzas (margharita, ham, olives, supreme, pepperoni, etc)

February 5, 2014

Sorority Menu Week #12

Monday (chapter) - Taco Bar (beef taco meat, whole wheat or white flour tortillas, corn tostada shells, 

Tuesday - Chicken Divan (chicken & broccoli casserole w/lemon cream sauce topped w/cheese) & Steamed White Rice.

Wednesday - Poor Mans Stroganoff, Egg Noodles, Steamed White Rice, Sour Cream & Mixed Veggies. 

Thursday - Cheesy Potato Casserole aka:Funeral Potatoes (1 w/ham & 1 without) & Green Salad. 

January 25, 2014

Sorority Menu Week #11

Monday (chapter) - BFD (Breakfast for Dinner). Costco Muffins, Sausage or Bacon & some sort of Egg Dish that's easy to feed 80. 
Tuesday - Creamy Chicken & Biscuits. 
Wednesday - Pizza Pasta Casserole & Salad. 
Thursday - Chicken Fajitas